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About Birdwatcher


The idea of the Birdwatcher website was born from the passion and love for God’s creation. Beautiful creatures like birds and animals around us and the smell of fresh air was the inspiration behind showing others something of what photographers experience in nature through their camera lenses.

Through publishing a photo or image of nature we can also make others aware of the things around us and inspire photographers to become perfect in what they do.

Birdwatcher is therefore not a website for photographers or birdwatchers only, anyone who is interested in nature can learn more of the fauna and flora of our country.

Birdwatcher intends to make others aware, not only through the lens of a camera, but via our actions and friendship.

We aim to provide a portal of information regarding birding for all birding related topics in one place.

Birding hotspots is our initiative to provide our visitors with the opportunity to explore a birding route virtually in the comfort of their own space. With the 360 degree view of the area you can experience the whole scene, find what birds you can expect and what the terrain looks like.

Birdwatcher also publish interesting articles , birding trip reports for birding outings.
Please visit the event images for pictures on specific events.