We can help you to create a birder friendly venue. Birdlife SA allows birder friendly venues to list on their website at a very affordable fee, however to be listed as a birder friendly venue you need to comply with certain rules and regulations. Birdwatcher can help you to achieve these requirements.

Someone who does birding this is called a birdwatcher or birder in short. Both birdwatchers or birders are usually enthusiasts who take part in the birdwatching activities as a hobby.

South Africa is home to around 725 resident species and a total of around 850 recorded species. An impressive list of about 50 endemic species are found here in our country. Looking at these numbers it is clear that South Africa is an amazing place for birdwatchers and birding enthusiasts all over the world.

Birder friendly venues are establishments committed to the conservation of bird life in their natural habitats with the aim to showcase a large variety of birds for the birder community. Many of the birder friendly venues make an effort for their visitors to be able to enjoy an amazing time birding on their property. They are knowledgeable and equipped to advise their guests on local birds and the best spots to find them, and in some cases even where to find a competent birding guide.

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