Birding and Butterflies – The Pearl Emperor

The Pearl Emperor: A Gem You Might Find in Your Own Backyard (Even in Sedgefield!)
As a birding enthusiast, you’re well aware of the incredible biodiversity South Africa has to offer. But keep your eyes peeled not just for our feathered friends, because you might just spot a dazzling butterfly – the Pearl Emperor!

The Pearl Emperor (Charaxes varanes), also known as the Karkloof Emperor or Pearl Charaxes, is a stunning member of the Nymphalidae family. Found throughout Africa, from Saudi Arabia all the way down to South Africa, this beauty is a common sight in the southern and eastern regions of our country, including coastal areas and forest edges.

Here in Sedgefield, you might be lucky enough to see a Pearl Emperor flitting about your garden, just like you did! Their name perfectly reflects their appearance. With wings closed, they display a cryptic coloration of white and golden-brown, offering excellent camouflage. But open those wings, and you’ll be met with a breathtaking spectacle – a combination of rich browns, iridescent blues, and a splash of color that truly resembles a pearl. It’s no wonder you were struck by their majesty!

The Pearl Emperor is a large butterfly, with females boasting a slightly larger wingspan than males (70-90mm compared to 65-70mm). These active flyers are most abundant during late summer and autumn, though in warmer areas, you might see them year-round. Interestingly, they’re most often spotted as solitary individuals, soaring high and fast.

Spotting a Pearl Emperor is a delightful reminder of the hidden gems that nature holds, waiting to be discovered. It’s these encounters that make birding trips so special, isn’t it?

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