Birding outing to Kloppersbos Trip Report – 11 June 2016


Kloppersbos is situated approximately 40km north-east of Pretoria. Ben Fouche, Rihann Geyser, Tiaan Muller and Theuns Botha visited Klopperbos on Saturday 11 June 2016 to gather data for the Southern African Bird Atlas Project 2 (SABAP2) The trip covered the pentad 2525_2800 and included nocturnal observation.

We thank the Kloppersbos community/farm owners for their hospitality.

Roadside birding at the large dam on the Kloppersbos/Pyramid road produced a Gauteng rarity of not less than 33 Marabou Storks. (Also mentioned in Trevor Hardaker’s rarity report)

No Nightjars were seen or heard but at least two Spotted Eagle Owls and several Southern White-faced Scops-owl were seen and photographed.

Below is a list of the species recorded for the day (15h00 – 20h00)

SequenceCommon nameScientific name
1Pale FlycatcherBradornis pallidus
2Golden-breasted BuntingEmberiza flaviventris
3Bulbul Dark-cappedPycnonotus tricolor
4Sunbird White-belliedCinnyris talatala
5Sparrow CapePasser melanurus
6Dove LaughingStreptopelia senegalensis
7Guineafowl HelmetedNumida meleagris
8White-eye CapeZosterops virens
9Honeyguide LesserIndicator minor
10Puffback Black-backedDryoscopus cubla
11Thrush KarooTurdus smithi
12Pytilia Green-wingedPytilia melba
13Tinkerbird Yellow-frontedPogoniulus chrysoconus
14Crow PiedCorvus albus
15Drongo Fork-tailedDicrurus adsimilis
16Batis ChinspotBatis molitor
17Owlet Pearl-spottedGlaucidium perlatum
18Firefinch Red-billedLagonosticta senegala
19Oriole Black-headedOriolus larvatus
20Barbet Black-collaredLybius torquatus
21Tit Southern BlackParus niger
22Crombec Long-billedSylvietta rufescens
23Waxbill BlueUraeginthus angolensis
24Bush-shrike Orange-breastedTelophorus sulfureopectus
25Robin-chat White-throatedCossypha humeralis
26Scrub-robin White-browedCercotrichas leucophrys
27Tchagra Brown-crownedTchagra australis
28Robin-chat CapeCossypha caffra
29Wood-hoopoe GreenPhoeniculus purpureus
30Babbler Arrow-markedTurdoides jardineii
31Hornbill African GreyTockus nasutus
32Sparrow Southern Grey-headedPasser diffusus
33Quailfinch AfricanOrtygospiza atricollis
34Cisticola RattlingCisticola chiniana
35Go-away-bird GreyCorythaixoides concolor
36Dove Red-eyedStreptopelia semitorquata
37Prinia Tawny-flankedPrinia subflava
38Shrike MagpieCorvinella melanoleuca
39Starling Cape GlossyLamprotornis nitens
40Neddicky NeddickyCisticola fulvicapilla
41Hornbill Red-billedTockus erythrorhynchus
42Buzzard LizardKaupifalco monogrammicus
43Duck White-facedDendrocygna viduata
44Moorhen CommonGallinula chloropus
45Plover Three-bandedCharadrius tricollaris
46Ibis HadedaBostrychia hagedash
47Lapwing BlacksmithVanellus armatus
48Crake BlackAmaurornis flavirostris
49Roller Lilac-breastedCoracias caudatus
50Spurfowl Swainson’sPternistis swainsonii
51Masked-weaver SouthernPloceus velatus
52Ostrich CommonStruthio camelus
53Stork MarabouLeptoptilos crumeniferus
54Chat AnteatingMyrmecocichla formicivora
55Teal Red-billedAnas erythrorhyncha
56Kite Black-shoulderedElanus caeruleus
57Longclaw CapeMacronyx capensis
58Lapwing CrownedVanellus coronatus
59Korhaan Northern BlackAfrotis afraoides
60Eagle-owl SpottedBubo africanus
61Thick-knee SpottedBurhinus capensis
62Hornbill Southern Yellow-billedTockus leucomelas
63Scops-owl Southern White-facedPtilopsus granti

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