Birdwatcher Birding, Pied Kingfishers Garden Route

Birdwatcher Birding. Birding with Birdwatcher for Pied Kingfishers on the Garden Route, Western Cape . Birdwatcher leads birding birding trips and walks in South Africa. Birding on the Garden Route with Ben Fouche is very rewarding and one can expect to enjoy the outing no matter the weather conditions. Birding in the rain and cold can also be great fun if the weather does not play with.

A good area to photograph Pied Kingfishers on the Garden Route, Western Cape with Birdwatcher in South Africa. Birding on the Garden Route with Ben Fouche and a morning out to the lakes in the Sedgefield area can result in good birding and bird photography. It is always recommended to shoot photos in good light. Guided bird watching can be arranged with Birdwatcher. Morning and afternoon trips or longer trips can be booked here.

Pied Kingfisher with catch on the Garden Route

Pied KIngfisher

Pied Kingfisher Birdwatcher-Birding
Pied Kingfisher – Birdwatcher-Birding

Pied Kingfishers make brilliant photographs and videos as they are very active and normally perform long enough to shoot lots of photos showing catches and interaction with other birds. Pied Kingfishers hover in the air above the water when they spot their prey. When they can see it clearly, they dive into the water to pierce the fish with its very sharp bill. After a catch, the Kingfisher will hit the small fish on a branch several times before it attempts to swallow it whole. Kingfishers normally succeed in swallowing the fish, unless it is stolen by another bird or falls into the water.

Birdwatcher leads birding tours on the Garden Route of South Africa in the Western Cape. Guided birding tours in all provinces of South Africa and neighbouring countries can be arranged by Birdwatcher

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birdwatcher-birding on the Garden Route in South Africa
Birdwatcher cater for beginners and the more experienced birder. For more information please contact us or view our tours on the website.


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