Birding in Knysna and Wilderness for Nairobi and UK clients

Birding in Knysna and Wilderness on the Garden Route.

What a privilege to end the year with a great birding trip.
On Tuesday, 31 December 2019 I met with my three clients from Nairobi and the UK (Three ladies, daughter, mother and grandmother.)

We met in Sedgefield at 8h30 which is actually late in terms of morning birding. However, we had a wonderful trip and logged approximately 50 species in three hours.

Our list included species such as Knysna Turaco, Intermediate Egret, Greater Flamingo, White-fronted Plover, African Black Oyster Catcher, African Marsh Harrier, Grey Sunbird, Forest Buzzard etc. Birding in Knysna and Wilderness will always produce some of the special bird species above.

I have logged the species on the “Birdlasser App” for submission to SABAP2 (The South African Bird Atlas Project 2)

We were fortunate to see a pair of Goliath Heron amongst the flock of Greater Flamingo near one of the local bird hides. Levaillant’s Cisticola and Lesser Swamp Warblers were all over in the vlei and marshy areas.
Knysna Warbler could be heard but unfortunately not seen. Knysna and Wilderness birding trips can be booked with Birdwatcher. To receive more info, please leave your detail at the following link: Birdwatcher Info

The Garden Route between Knysna and Wilderness is one of the most rewarding birdwatching areas. The many different habitats range from indigenous forest to coastal dunes, farmland, mountains, rivers, lakes and more. Depending on the weather, many species can be recorded in a morning’s drive on the roads between farms and short walks in the national parks or private land. One should always get permission to access these areas before doing so. 

Birding hotspots in this area include Wilderness Forests & Lakes System , Langvlei, Rondevlei, Ebb & Flow Camp Site, Woodville Forest,Sedgefield (Swartvlei), Pledge Nature Reserve, Knysna Lagoon and Diepwalle Forest. These are only a few of the well known areas and it must be noted that there are many more other spots that are not mentioned in most birding books and guides. However, these areas cannot all be covered in a day or two , therefore you need to plan your trip if you are looking for specific species or if you want to visit specific habitats. 

If birding in Knysna and Wilderness on the Garden Route  is on your bucket-list you should definitely book trip with BIRDWATCHER or OUTDOOR HEARTBEAT

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